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Jobman Workwear UK: Free UK Delivery and Returns We are retail & online stockists of Jobman and have been resellers for years and stock all the core hard wearing trousers, jackets, and more instore and here online. Our main store which is 3600 sqft is in the south east of England, 10 minutes south of Milton Keynes on the A5, 5 minutes west from the Toddington Junction on the M1

About Jobman Workwear
Founded in Sweden by Ulf Svensson in 1975 and he later then in 1983 founded the brand Jobman as we know it today.
Jobman Workwear are today one of the leading manufacturers of work wear.
We develop our products with site testing:-
All our products undergo years of testing in the best "Test Lab" there is: - On Building Sites !
This is when the real worker using and wearing the garments tests what works and what doesn't.
We test our materials firstly, in a lab environment, but the functionality can only be tested through real life exposure
to hard work. When you put on a new garment from Jobman, you can rest assured that the quality and functionality is
tried and tested, both in the lab and on site.

Call into our new 4,000 sqft store in Milton Keynes at Stacey Bushes Trade Centre, MK12 6HS. We are open 7 days

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