Duck Cotton Canvas

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Duck Cotton Canvas Product Guide

About Carhartt Duck Canvas

Duck does not mean Duck as in the Bird, but comes from the word "Doek" which means Linen in Dutch. So Duck Canvas is Linen Canvas.

Duck Canvas 
It is a tightly woven and strong fabric and originated as tent cloth and was used as a tarpaulin for storage & transport
It comes in a various patterns in the cloth:
  • square weave
  • canvas construction plain weave
It's weave:
  • 2x2 construction which means 2 weft yarns are woven into 1 warp yarn
  • mainly used as 100% cotton but also produced in blends; even 100% Polyester etc
  • first used in Waist-Overalls in 1853 until 1911 (Levi’s® )
  • used as full Overalls in 1889 until today by Carhartt®
  • “Duck” has its origin in the Hunting & Outdoor world
  • Duck is from the Dutch word Doek, meaning linen Canvas
Carhartt Duck is available in 3 variations: Firm Hand, Soft Hand and Sandstone, all three are proprietary to Carhartt®
  1. Sandstone is lightly sanded using Open End yarns with high tensile & tear strength (Sandstone when refering to Carhartt is the finish, not the colour)
  2. Firm Hand uses Ring Spun yarns for superiorstrength.
  3. Soft Hand is equal in strength but engineered to wash down to a comfortable hand
Their Duck Fabric is between 41 – 53% stronger than competition in tensile & tear and to meet their quality requirements, long stable cotton fibers are custom blended
Weave configuration, yarn size and yarn count are highly engineered, they test every shipment of fabric and review their own specification annually