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Seeland Clothing UK: Free UK Delivery and Returns. We are retail & online stockists of Seeland and have been resellers for years and stock all the core hard wearing country trousers, jackets, and more instore and here online.Call into our new 4,000 sqft store in Milton Keynes at Stacey Bushes Trade Centre, MK12 6HS. We are open 7 days

Seeland Clothing, Wellies & Sporting Goods

If you are looking for a Country clothing and require a waterproof Jacket or a pair of waterproof trousers, explore the Seeland Ranges.  Seeland Jackets & Trousers have been worn for years by the country community. Their best known clothing ranges are The KeeperWoodcock and Marsh. Seeland have won many awards for their practical designs and quality of build and deserve this very highly prized reputation for creating country clothing and accessories, which perform to a very high standard for the price. 

In store we have been supplying Seeland to our customers and we carry all the core products. The individual models have been tested and adapted to the different forms of hunting, and with the expansion of their boot program the entire collection is now so versatile that any country man, lady and or hunter can be equipped from head to foot. Seeland have created a collection where you can find the perfect clothes and boots to suit your needs.  We also now carry all their ranges of Hunting Accessories from Bags to Slings.

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